Welcome to Wild At Heart Animal Massage located in Aurora, CO where my primary goal is to nurture your animal and improve quality of life. Pets are a big part of our family and we include them in most of our activities. At this time I specialize in Canine Massage but also have experience with cats, pot-belly pigs and other small mammals. Like humans; dogs can get sore from too much exercise, are prone to injury if they are sporting dogs, get stressed, and need comfort when they are ill. Massage complements and enhances but is not a replacement for veterinary care. At Wild at Heart Massage I use my extensive background in several healing modalities to provide an individual experience for each animal and the massages are performed in the comfort of the animal’s home. Currently I serve the Denver Metro Area.
Benefits of massage include:


  • Relaxing tight muscles and reducing inflammation
  • Reduces pain
  • Increases immune system function
  • Injury prevention, increased range of motion, faster recovery time for sporting dogs
  • Promoting emotional balance and relaxation which helps with fear, shyness, or hyperactivity
  • Provides comfort and pain relief for dogs at the end stage of their lives


To schedule an appointment please fill out the appointment form or contact Dina at (303) 242-7881